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Feel good in your body and in your life! 


You want to feel better, to find and maintain a lighter and more toned body, all without sacrificing the pleasure of food and sharing meals.


You are looking for a comprehensive, simple and effective plan to implement immediately into your daily life.


You associate cooking with pleasure, a time to share memories, conversations, and food with your loved ones. You dream of feeling serene in your kitchen, in your choices, and in your body.


If this is the case, the Me,Fit&Free method is made for you! This personalized approach will help you build good nutrition reflexes that align with your goals and your tastes.


You feel like you have the knowledge, the desire, and the means so… what’s missing?! 


A strategy made for you ! Me,Fit & Free will help you: 

  • Keep the momentum going and turn your knowledge into applicable skills.
  • Test out and adjust your dietary habits for optimal results.
  • Identify and understand your body’s signals in order to adapt your responses accordingly. 
  • Learn to apply the advice independently.
  • Indulge yourself guilt free with conscious choices.



Reveal – Identify your triggers in order to build a solution that will fit your life.

Redefine – Test out, measure, and adapt actions until the expected results are reached.

Revitalize – Solidify your new nutrition rituals and reflexes to perpetuate the benefits.


Laurence de Crisnay, certified coach

The Me, Fit & Free program is entirely built around you.

Here is how it goes: 


1 –You talk, I listen. You fill out a detailed form and tell me about your lifestyle and your goals. From that, I analyze your needs and select several targeted actions to help you get the results you want.


2- I coach. You’re in the driver’s seat and I’m right by your side.  In each one-on-one coaching session, we fine tune your plan and troubleshoot any obstacle. Designed to be pragmatic, effective, and flexible, your personal strategy fits perfectly into your daily life. 


3- You’re free! The Me, Fit & Free Method will leave you feeling confident and comfortable in your body and your ability to make smart nutrition choices on your own. 



Through the Me, Fit&Free method, I will take you on a journey of discovery and teach you how to spot the clues your body sends out.


Day by day, you will feel better equipped to replace old, obsolete habits with new, more exciting ones.


Laurence created an open and comfortable environment which allowed me to share honestly about the issues and road blocks I've been confronting. She set me on a path for success with nutritious menu ideas, strategies for good organization and how to set expectations on exercise and other goals.


A very inspiring experience 🙂 Laurence is very attentive and attentive in her coaching and helps to question herself in her nutrition choices and even more with delicacy and firmness.


A certain idea of yourself – wanting to feel good, to fit in, to connect with yourself and others. A concept that makes you want to get moving and gaining the momentum to achieve your best self.