The Me, Fit & Free method is a personalized guide to help you:


  • Rebalance your diet
  • Reconnect with your sensations
  • Understand the link between emotions and nutrition
  • Solidify virtuous food reflexes
  • Create smart meals regardless of the setting you are in 
  • Expand your repertoire of recipes and diversify your tastes
  • Forge habits that promote your well-being and amplify your happiness.


Me, Fit & Free is about understanding the big picture: how does your nutrition fit into your entire experience? The tweaks we make will get you the results you want without disrupting your lifestyle and daily routine.


Part of my role in this journey is to serve as a mirror effect – offer a different perspective from your own. The intensity of my approach can vary from light to demanding, but Me,Fit&Free is always benevolent. You can test and refine at your own pace as you develop durable skills to make smart choices.

Our packages – to be combined based on your needs and your goals:

Weight and nutrition can be very personal, so I take the time to speak with you about your tastes: what is non-negotiable for you and what do you wish to change?


It all begins with a discussion about your motivations, your goals, and the pace at which you want to make changes. Once that foundation is set, I create a personalized path that you can take on at your own rhythm and in the format that suits you best. 


The Me, Fit & Free program consists of private sessions on video conference. You choose the format best suited to your goals and your personality – individual sessions “à la carte” or packages. Once you’ve picked the right option for you, we create a schedule that best fits your availability.